Why to Use Google Tag Manager for an E-Commerce Platform?

by asmitank / 13/09/2018
Why to Use Google Tag Manager for an E-Commerce Platform?

Why is Google Tag Manager essential for an E-Commerce Site?


Tracking conversions from your website’s store or payment entry are extraordinarily necessary not solely to record your sales but to establish wherever your transactions are returning from conjointly. To bring this information into Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager has to be set up.

Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Google Tag Manager (GTM) or also called as e-commerce tracking is a free tag management platform that allows marketers to deploy and track selling information by just adding code snippets to their e-commerce website or app. It permits marketers to track conversions, website analytics, and a lot of without the intervention of Webmasters.

GTM Installation Procedure

If you employ Google Analytics (GA), then working with Google Tag Manager won’t be that troublesome. Here are small initial stages guide to help you in setting up your website with Google Tag Manager.

    Step 1: Produce a ‘Google Tag Manager account.’
    Step 2: Add the ‘Container Code’ to each page on your website.
    Step 3: Produce your ‘1st tag’ which is the ‘GA code snippet.’
    Step 4: Make available the ‘Preview Mode’ to visualize if the tag is firing.
    Step 5: Head over to the ‘GA period report’ back to guarantee visits are being recorded.
    Step 6: Publish the ‘Container’.

    Advantages of Using Google Tag Manager

    The advantages obtained are as follows:

  • GTM eliminates the effort of laborious cryptography tags

    The platform is free, and hence your sole expenditure, in this case, becomes shopping for the domain and hosting for your website. Of course, their area unit paid modules or functionalities in this platform as well. However, they all are optional and depends upon one’s choice as to whether you would like to customize your search in an exceedingly explicit manner or line with a selected want of yours. Hence anyone can download OpenCart and thus undergo its code. Also, there are no limits on types, product and plenty of others.

  • GTM permits businesses to maneuver quickly

    Over-dependence on net developers is a difficulty for several businesses with restricted resources. It stalls the expansion and experimentation that's very important within the fast digital world that we tend to board. A seller can’t afford to wait around for weeks for the IT team to liberate it slow and deploy a bunch of tags. The Google tag manager may be an efficient and reliable resolution that helps businesses adapt to dynamic promoting conditions and move from one experiment to a different a lot of quickness and with none further prices.

  • OpenCart is Easy to Hack

    As OpenCart comes as free software, therefore, is it easy to hack? The answer to this question is a big NO. Once an e-commerce platform is an open source, it's even safer. OpenCart, parenthetically, has various followers and communities that contribute to its development. Once there square measure issues, they're detected much faster, and severally, their resolution is more quick, economical and free.

  • GTM makes advanced following a breeze

    Google tag manager permits users to perform a constant task that can take days or perhaps weeks or can be even done in an exceedingly matter of minutes. It comes with an associative array of inbuilt tags and functions that alter users to implement the advanced following in an exceedingly short window of your time. As an example, rather than having to feature event following code to each “Submit” button on the positioning, a user will communicate GTM to form one tag with rules to track clicks on all buttons across the positioning./p>

  • GTM will boost the web site speed

    Google tag manager tags deployed asynchronously implies a slow loading tag wouldn’t stop alternative tags from being pink-slipped.

  • GTM centralizes tag management

    By providing you with one place to manage all the selling and analytics tags used on your website, GTM considerably improves the potency of tag management and simplifies the method of adding, redaction and removing tags by eliminating the repetition and reducing the possibilities of errors.


The Google Tag Manager wasn't designed to switch from Google Analytics. Instead, the two works harmoniously to grant marketers associate degree easy-to-manage, versatile system of following varied analytics. The Google tag manager allows users to deploy the following code on the chosen pages and Google analytics uses that code to trace diverse information, together with conversions. GTM may be a game-changer tool during a manner that it provides selling professionals the freedom to feature, edit, or take away measure tags with no hard coding, instead of creating the method a lot of less complicated and quicker.